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Where are we going next... to space, hell and beyond
Greetings fellow doctors! As General Practitioner is approaching its Beta and Final Release due in December, we started planning our game development future for...
Update 1.0.8 is available
An update for The Coroner Saga is available for download! Fixed a crashing issue during the roof conversation 64-bit compatibility has been implemented for ever...
Celebrating a new life!
Hello guys! A few hours ago my 2nd child was born a month earlier than expected! Join me and my wife Sara to greet the newborn baby Mirko into life! (Of course...
The Coroner Saga is out!
The Coroner Saga is now available for PC, Mac and Linux devices both on Steam and (as well as Android on and Google Play)! This is our second vi...
The Coroner Saga is available for Android!
Hello fellow doctors! I announce you with pleasure that Episode 1 of the coroner saga, titled "The Debbie Downer" is now available for Android both here and on...
Character Bio: Sara Brennan
Name : Sara Aveline Brennan Date of birth : October 19th, 32 years old Blood type : A Sara Aveline Brennan is the main character of The Coroner Saga. She gradua...
The Coroner Saga Release Plan
Greetings everybody! Work on the Coroner Saga is almost complete, and Episode 1 is about to hit the shelves. However, due to some last bug-fix and ready-check r...
Episode 1: The First 7 minutes of gameplay!
Hello to everybody guys! As release for The Coroner Saga gets near we are still polishing up the beta to ship you the most fun experience with our new game! We...
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