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GENERAL PRACTITIONER 0.0.28 ALPHA RELEASE - "Celebrating a new life"


WARNING: If you choose to pursue Elisa's romance we recommend to start over a new game or load a save before "Our Clinic My Baby" chapter. Not doing so might have you skip some story events or load a broken save.

  • Bug fixing
  • Fanny and Madalyn's achievement were not granted when their exam was completed. This has been fixed. Loading a save where you already examined them grants the achievement automatically.
  • Fixed an issue which prevented to examine Randomly Generated Teen Female's back
  • Claudia's wage now shows correctly in the staff management screen (was showing the monthly wage instead of the weekly's)
  • Fixed a crashing issue tied to Kathlyn's exam
  • Fixed an issue which prevented the correct conversations with Rita and Erika to happen while watching TV or cooking.
  • Watching TV will no longer prompt the player to choose "Cook by yourself" in the choice screen
  • Rita will no longer refer to the player as "Boss" during home conversations
  • The game won't refer to Rita being used to see naked people while working anymore. It was a bit awkward to imagine her serving icecreams to naked customers.
  • User Interface's behavior during conversations has been changed. The "Blue Bar" will now be shown in every conversation of the game
  • Main User Interface has been updated with new graphics
  • Examination User Interface has been updated with new graphics


  • Added new Medical Procedures in the Codex: - Dual Test
  • New Achievements have been added: - Family over reputation (you chose to become a father) - A new life (you had a baby)
  • Added masturbation activity with Rita while at home
  • All home activities have been updated to involve Elisa if she's living with you


  • Every medical examination has now all options available. If a specific exam is unremarkable the standard "blue text" will appear. This will increase the game's difficulty but allow for a better immersion in the game.
  • New exam available: Lacey (#75). This is the fourth part of her story, the first one released in update 0.0.25. Her code is: 8277861067 This exam won't be available in Exam Mode and it cannot be chosen from the computer. It only plays if Vanilla mode is OFF and if you made the right choices in the first three exams of her. The exam starts after October 26th, in-game calendar.

All of "Elisa-related" content will only play if you pursued a romantic relationship with her.
If you haven't done anything of the kind the following events won't be available on your playthrough. Please report if they still play regardless, as this means a bug is present. Thank you!

  • Added event "Choosing to be a father" which will play whenever you choose Elisa over your former partner to keep the baby as the father
  • Added event "What is that smell?" which will play on November 5th, morning
  • Added event "Sex is good for pregnancy" which will play on November 25th, morning
  • Added event "Shall we tell the others?" which will play on December 3rd, morning
  • Added event "I am bleeding!" which will play on December 12th, afternoon
  • Added event "Will you marry me?" which will play on January 10th, morning
  • Added event "The center of everything" which will play on February 2nd, afternoon
  • Added event "Any minute from now" which will play on February 19th, morning
  • Added event "Parenting tips" which will play on February 15th, morning
  • Added event "Physician, Heal Thyself (Elisa's Path) which will start on March 31st and continue up to April 21st Please note that during this event the energy amount of the doctor is forced to be very low. This is working as intended as it reflects the doctor's current health and it's NOT a bug which doesn't replenish the health bar.


  • The game will end on April 30th, which marks the end of the full game.

Known issues:
Please refer to this link for a list of known issues:

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