DEVLOG: Staff Conversations

As the game is getting more and more polished with each update, I'm adding elements that weren't "necessary" to gameplay but that I think are a nice addition nevertheless.

This time I'm talking about staff conversations with your hired staff members. Whenever you go to the clinic you'll have a chance to meet one of your employees and share a small conversation with them. They will greet you and share their thoughts about topics related to their field of work.

Of course more staff members you hire and more conversations will happen.

Phrases are randomly chosen, so sometimes it will happen for some conversations to repeat themselves (there are about 10 for each "area" of work such as midwives, technicians etc.), and more will be added in future updates as well.

While this is probably a "minor" feature within the game, I think it adds to the game's background and immersion, as staff members won't be inactive NPC but people you work with. Further improvements to staff members and their management are planned after the final release of the game, but that's for another Devlog to disclose.

As always, thank you for following, supporting and playing the game! I hope you'll like this new layer of simulation.

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