Update is available

An update for General Practitioner is available for download!

  • Fixed an issue where Netorare/Cuckold conversation with Rita wasn't triggering properly. This conversation now triggers on November 7th. If your saved game is already past November 7th the only way to fix the issue is load a previous save or restart the game. Sorry for any discomfort this might cause.
  • Evening activities have been reorganized to assign the correct working priorities
  • Spending time with Claudia won't trigger the "Masturbation" event anymore
  • Fixed an issue where Rita was disappearing from the house if you already ended your line of available conversations with her
  • Spending time with Rita and Elisa while living with them is now available from the right "House activity" menu (not from the house choice screen anymore)
  • Fixed a crashing issue during Rachelle's 2nd exam
  • Fixed an issue with Lacey's ultrasound conversation (2nd exam)
  • Fixed a rare issue which caused Claudia's staff stats to stay on screen even after closing them
  • Fixed a crash when copypasting Dwayne's ID code into the computer
  • Dwayne Welch has been added to the patient's codex

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