Major Update 0.0.27 is available!


WARNING: save games prior to 0.0.20 are no longer compatible. If you own a previously made save you will have to restart the game!
Save games from releases after 0.0.21 are compatible.

  • Bug fixing
  • Fixed an incoherent dialogue in Sara Darrel's 2nd exam
  • Fixed an incoherent name during random exams' legs examination.
  • Fixed a crash during Kamil's second examination
  • Changed Rachelle's first exam background music to better reflect the tone of the examination
  • "Unremarkable" (Normal) examinations text is now colored in light blue to allow players to understand they're the same, unremarkable text as usual, allowing to fast skip trough it. Pay attention to dialogues during exams, because everything that isn't light blue might mean something's odd, or it might be a remark from the patients or a fellow physician present.
  • A new tutorial has been added in Rita's exam to explain the color of the text for unremarkable exams
  • Changed many examinations' text with a standard one, to avoid confusion in players
  • Elliott now has the right image in his Codex entry
  • Added five new musical scores, which will be added to the Soundtrack DLC as well.


  • Added new Medical Conditions in the Codex: - Poststreptococcal Glomerulonephritis - Berger Disease - Wegener Granulomatosis
  • The game will now count Random Exams in the "Completed Exams" stat
  • New Achievements have been added: - Unexpected outcome (You completed Rachelle's 2nd exam) - One Night Stand (You completed Cecelia's exam) - Bloody Business (You completed Dwayne's exam) - The doctor is in (Complete at least 10 medical exams) - Learning the ropes (Complete at least 25 medical exams) - Expert Practitioner (Complete at least 50 medical exams) - Take a break! (Complete at least 100 medical exams) - More than a real doctor (Complete at least 200 medical exams) - Can't we just have some fun? (You chose not to break the trio) - There you are! (You let Aaron or Vanessa customize your car) - Shit happens! (Your car was destroyed while being tweaked by an amateur) - Fertility Issues - Part Three (You completed Lacey's third examination)
  • Changed how the start of new year's conversation about choosing a relationship to continue throughout the game works. Now you will have a proper dialogue with both Christina and Claudia at Ray's bar, during one of your visits. The event still plays on January 2nd, regardless of choices.
  • Added 7 new threesome sex scenes with Aaron and Vanessa
  • After August 12th, if you already met Aaron and Vanessa, she will call you and unlock the "Electronic Store" in the "Walk around town" menu. You can go there to spend some time with Vanessa
  • After August 12th, if you already met Aaron and Vanessa, he will call you and unlock the "Bank" in the "Walk around town" menu. You can go to the bank to spend some time with Aaron and to ask for a loan. You can ask a 10k, 25k, 50k or 100k loan from the bank and pay a monthly fee to repay it. Please note that failing to repay the fee will hinder the clinic's fame by many points. You can only ask for a loan if your clinic's fame is high enough: - 25 fame for the 10k $ loan - 45 fame for the 25k $ loan - 65 fame for the 50k $ loan - 85 fame for the 100k $ loan
  • Added 26 new conversations between the Doctor, Aaron and Vanessa at their workplace.
  • Morning events have been reordered since in very rare occasions they were overlapping each other depending upon the players' choices
  • You can now discover a Garage if you're into a relationship with Aaron or Vanessa. In February an event to introduce the garage will play. In the garage you can customize your vehicle(s) to achieve the following perks: - Add Advertisements on your vehicle. Cost: 3500$. Benefit: Adds 15 fame each month for each vehicle - Add LED LIGHTS on your vehicle. Cost: 4500$. Benefit: Adds 5 charm each month for each vehicle - Tweak the ENGINE of your vehicle. Cost: 10000$. Benefit: Reduces energy consumption to 0 for each action. Doesn't stack with other vehicles' engines' tweaks.


  • New exam available: Rachelle (#73) (2nd exam). Her ID code to access the exam is 2899615815.
  • New hospital exam available: Dwayne (#74). His ID code to access the exam is 5822270374.
  • New exam available: Lacey (#75). This is the third part of her story, the first one released in update 0.0.25. Her code is: 8277861067 This exam won't be available in Exam Mode and it cannot be chosen from the computer. It only plays if Vanilla mode is OFF and if you made the right choices in the first two exams of her.

All of "Vanessa/Aaron-related" content will only play if you pursued a romantic relationship with either of them.
If you haven't done anything of the kind the following events won't be available on your playthrough. Please report if they still play regardless, as this means a bug is present. Thank you!

  • Added event "Doctor's past: Lorenzo" starting on October
  • Added event "Doctor's past: Lorenzo's search" playing in January
  • Added more conversation lines in Merry Christmas if you chose Aaron as your partner
  • Added a new option in "The Higher, The Fewer" chapter, which allows you to choose both Vanessa and Aaron for a threesome
  • Added event "Physician, Heal Thyself (Aaron's Path) which will start on March 31st and continue up to April 21st
  • Added event "Physician, Heal Thyself (Vanessa's Path) which will start on March 31st and continue up to April 21st Please note that during this event the energy amount of the doctor is forced to be very low. This is working as intended as it reflects the doctor's current health and it's NOT a bug which doesn't replenish the health bar.


  • The game will end on April 30th, which marks the end of the full game.

Known issues:
Please refer to this link for a list of known issues:

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