Rita's alternative path - Feedback DOES matter!

Hello guys!

In the past few weeks I received A LOT of feedback about Rita's story arc, which involves a cuckold/Netorare path and was recently released. I was quite surprised by the amount of feedback about it, I admit, because polls told me Rita wasn't a top character for the fanbase, however as I always said I completely rely on your feedback to improve the game and make it fun and cool to play!

That's how I noticed her path/story wasn't very appreciated, either because it wasn't fun or because no one wanted the Doctor to be a weak character who "lends" his girls around, and I'm now telling you: "I acknowledge your concerns!"

That's why starting with 0.0.28 (August update), together with Elisa's story which was already planned, I'll be adding a completely new path for Rita's story. Whoever doesn't like/want a NTR path can completely avoid it, while Rita will demand other "tasks" to the doctor to appeal to her (she is quite demanding as a character). The original path will still be available for those who'll enjoy it of course, but it won't be the only path you can choose.

I spent the last two years telling you that your feedback matters a lot, it would be silly to ignore it when it comes in such a massive way. And I sincerely THANK YOU for letting me know this wasn't working at all with the game.

Be safe and healthy, always.

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