DEVLOG: The Bank, The Garage and the Bonding Place

Greetings fellow doctors!

In this very hot summer, at least in southern Europe, I thought about giving you some fresh news for you to enjoy!

Today I'm introducing you some new places to enjoy in the game, which will be delivered with update 0.0.27 which is about to be published for our Patreon supporters and in a few weeks for everyone as well!

All these places are tied to your relationship with Vanessa and Aaron, so you will only discover them by going through your relationship with them. Also, since they introduce new ways to get money and stats, they are also introduced quite late into the game to avoid breaking its balance.

The first place is the Bank where Aaron works. You can go there to either talk with him (26 conversations have been added for both him and Vanessa, and they are not just the same ones repeating themselves, but are different lines who reflect the characters) or to use the bank services (i.e. Loans)

For a monthly fee you can get up to 100k $ to spend at the clinic, buying cars, paying staff members etc. You can only have the higher loans if your clinic has enough fame though, as the bank won't just give money to some unknown guy who needs it.

If you fail to repay the monthly fee you will lose A LOT of fame, so think about loans if you feel like paying them back!

The second place is the Garage, where Aaron or Vanessa (depending on who you chose on January to be your "Main Romantic Interest") will tweak cars for a price. And being you their partner you are offered a discount!

If you own one or more cars/bykes, you can bring them there to be customized and earn some benefits.

  • Adding ***ADS*** will cost you 4500$ and will boost your fame by 15 points each month.
  • Modifying the ***ENGINE*** will cost you 10000$ and reduce the energy you need to move around to 0.
  • Adding ***LED LIGHTS*** will cost you 3500$ and will boost your charm by 5 each month.
  • You can do this for more than one vehicle, and the effects will stack.
  • Each time you ask for a customization your relationship with Aaron/Vanessa will increase significantly.
  • However, since they are self-learning mechanics, there is also a 3% chance they will damage your vehicle permanently.

The final place is the Bonding Place, a place where you can play around with Aaron, Vanessa or both (yeah, threesomes!) and establish new bonds with them ;)

Unlocking a dozen new sex images and two brand new animations, you can go to the Bonding Place to earn some sexperience and progress your relationship with both Aaron and Vanessa, at least until they're satisfied of this kind of menage-a-trois.

Let me know what you think about this new additions, I can't do a good game without the players' support and feedback!

Be safe, healthy and be careful about the hot weather!

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