update available

An update for General Practitioner is available for download!

  • Claudia's call to talk "about Rita" won't repeat itself any longer
  • Removed the conversation option to undress Rita during her examination as it was replaced by undressing icons long ago
  • Erika's romance event won't repeat itself any longer
  • Fixed an issue preventing the staff work to correctly check their abilities during work. This caused a major drop of stats even with very expert staff members
  • Fixed a missing image for Elder Male Back Exam (archetype #3) with no clothes on
  • Nancy's exam will no longer repeat itself if you turned down her sexual proposal (Story mode only)
  • Random Female Patients won't get Andropause anymore as their illness
  • Fixed a rare issue which cause calendar date to skip days (i.e. telling it's tuesday while it's friday).

Unfortunately this change required to reset a variable in the script, so it won't be possible to restore affected saved games. If your save was affected by the issue you'll have to either ignore it if you can OR start a new game. Sorry about the inconvenience this might cause to some of you.


General Practitioner 1.3 ANDROID 2 GB
Version 37 Jun 10, 2019
General Practitioner 1.4 2 GB
Version 45 Jun 10, 2019

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