The Gentle Bite (Rita's path)

Hello fellow doctors!

Today I'm introducing you two new characters: Dr. Marcus, a renowned dentist and his assistant Amy. You will see those characters again in the future as well ;)

After Rita starts to feel a severe pain over her jaw, she asks you to bring her to the dentist, because she never needed one she doesn't know where to go.

You remember hearing of a very renowned clinic, named "The Gentle Bite". Dr. Marcus, the owner, is a young and talented dentist who accomplished many important results with his work, so you take your car and bring your girlfriend there.

Rita is therefore greeted by Dr. Marcus himself, which is quite unusual as you hear, and his assistant Amy, a gorgeous girl who's eager to start the examination of the 23-years-old patient.

Both Dr. Marcus and Amy are very kind and professional, but something doesn't seem to fit in in your mind, as they interview you about Rita's dental concerns.

You are then asked to wait outside while the examination is performed. You don't really understand why, but those are the rules, so...
Rita joins you back in 30 minutes and tells you about her experience with Dr. Marcus' skills, which are renowned for a good reason.

She looks a little dazed, but you both blame the anesthesia for that, as she tells you she will see the Doctor again in two weeks.

You then return home, happy that everything's gone well!

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