2nd Anniversary Celebration - Personalized physical postcard

General Practitioner is two years old!

Everything started in May 2017, the game was unlike what you are looking at today, I wasn't a full time developer yet and my wife was pregnant with my firstborn.

I can't even start to list all the things that have changed in the meantime: the game hit Early Access on digital retail stores and it's approaching its Beta and Final Release, my job is now to deliver funny Visual Novels for thousands of people to play with and my wife is still pregnant (well, it's another child of course!)

The activity selection screen as it used to be back in the days!

To celebrate the 2nd Anniversary we're going to introduce you three surprises you might like, and I will announce them today in different posts, so keep following me for further infos!

The first surprise is a Patreon Special Offer, a gift of mine to whoever pledges 10$ starting from today to June 3rd: a personalized physical postcard which will be sent at your address! 

The postcard will also feature an handwritten thank you signed by me.

All you have to do is:

  • Join Patreon with your account, or create one as needed
  • Pledge at least 10$. This way you'll not only receive the postcard, but all Patreon-related privileges and you'll be helping the games' development A LOT!
  • Make sure you updated your address correctly to receive the postcard!

The 2nd Anniversary Postcard is a limited offer and won't be available in the future! Grab yours today and celebrate this important achievement with us!

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