DEVLOG: Staff Management and Skills

Greetings fellow doctors!

One of the most requested features is the ability to improve the skills of your staff members, because many times they fail at the most simple task just because of bad luck or inexperience on their part.

Starting with we are going to introduce a new way to manage your staff members. This management screen (which is a work in progress since it will be improved as well), will allow you to choose which course your personnel will follow and who will be asked to go there.

You can choose a single staff member or ask a whole department to attend. While taking a course you won't benefit from your staff members' presence of course, and the number of turns in which they are staying away is displayed on the Daily Report Screen.

Improving your staff skills will also increase their weekly wage of 250$ for each point given. Of course staff who already got the maximum skill points won't take any lecture and can't be sent to improve their skills.

Every different course's costs will vary depending on the skill, so plan ahead carefully who you're sending and where, because budget is always tight and you can't do everything.

I hope you'll like this improvement of the game. Stay tuned for even more news!  

Be safe and healthy!

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