What about animations? And what about a VR mode?

Would you like something like that?

Would you like to interact with your patients as you were really in the room with them?

General Practitioner's 2nd birthday is coming in two weeks and we're on our way to bring you a Beta in a few months, with the full game be polished and released by the end of the year.

While The Coroner Saga is also on its way to launch and another cool Visual Novel will be announced in a few weeks on Kickstarter, we're also thinking about the future of this game as well, because its full release won't mean the game being abandoned! On the contrary, we are already planning to add exciting new features such as new events, scenes and medical scenes!

One of the most asked features of the game are animations (which are being added update after update for the sex scenes) and some of you also asked for a "VR mode".

That said, take a look at the above video to see what we're working on (the overall quality reflects our VERY EARLY stage of development for this).

We're going to feature animations in most of the game's situations (dialogues, medical exams, interviews, examinations) AND we're also working on a "General Practitioner VR", which will allow you to interact with patients more or less like it's possible on such games as "Summer Lessons" which some of you might've played.

VR compatibility and animations is no small feat though and it would be almost impossible to achieve by an "one-man indie studio" such as mine, so we added two different goals on our Patreon Page that, if reached, will allow us to deliver you one of the most different VR experiences available on the market (yeah, I'm quite confident about this!)

Spread the news about the game with your friends, support us in this adventure, we completely rely on player's funds to keep doing what we do and try to deliver a different kind of Visual Novels! Pledge us on Patreon or look for another way to do so on our website (links on the "download" page), earn your rewards (more are going to be added soon)!

Every dollar counts in crowdfunding, and I'd like to express my eternal gratitude for all our pledgers, present and past and even future ones! You are making this possible!

Thank you for this wonderful two years together and for the years to come!


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