An update for General Practitioner is available for download!

* Fixed an issue which kept the "porn description" on screen after choosing a porn
* Fixed a crash with Elder Female Archetype #1 during random exams
* Fixed some crash with Adult Male exams (missing images)
* Genital exams for Adult males have had their been temporarily removed since they were corrupted. They will be replaced very soon
* Full nude image of Adult Male archetype #1 has been temporarily removed since it became corrupted. It will be replaced very soon
* Fixed a crash during Josh's 2nd exam
* Fixed an incorrect behavior during Elder Male's interview in Random Exams (switched questions)
* Fixed an issue in Elder Male's exams not allowing to examine the abdomen while the patient is naked
* Fixed an issue which drained double energy if you asked a colleague to check on a random patient
* The game will now correctly inform you if you gain charm after showering or swimming
* Mr. Xuan won't appear anymore if you never met Kiko in the first place

Thank you for playing the game!

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