DEVLOG: High School Lessons (Erika's Path)

Greetings fellow doctors!

Today I'm going to tell you about update 0.0.25, which will feature Erika and her personal storyline. As for Claudia's path in the upcoming 0.0.24 patch Erika will have plenty of situations to play with. While some will be similar to Claudia's (the "Physician, Heal Thyself" chapter for example), other will be playable only if you choose her path in the game.

One of Erika's-only chapters is titled "High School Lessons" and will feature a visit to a school by both our favourite Nurse and Dr. Jones to teach young students about the risk of sexually-transmitted diseases.

During this chapter you will return to a school after many years and you'll be either excited or scared by the people who attend your lesson. The students' questions can be sometimes embarrassing, especially in front of your co-worker, but they can also teach yourself something about the sexual preferences of young people nowadays.

Of course our Casanova Doctor will also face some important choices that could have consequences in his relationship with Erika. A student (female or male, depending on your sexuality) could even ask the Doctor some "private lessons" after everybody's gone.

Some of you might recognize the "High School" situation as something already hinted in the game in the form of "Secondary objective/quest". This was the initial intention, however as game's development progressed I recognized that side-quests were useless to the overall gameplay. A "side-quest" should be, for its very nature, something that can be skipped without consequences and without losing something important for the story.

Since this chapter became quite important for the game, as well as Father Torque's request in a future update, it was pointless for players to skip it and most people would have played it regardless.

For this very reason I decided to remove side-quests from the game and to have their stories added as normal chapters, so that everybody could play them in their stories.

"High School Lessons" is a chapter playable in Erika's path, but you won't have to have her as your girlfriend to unlock it.

More infos about Erika's path and 0.0.25 will be released very soon, so stay tuned!

Thank you for your outstanding support of the game! You are making every update possible!

PS: updates about The Coroner Saga coming up as well in a few days! Stay tuned!!!!

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