Devlog: The Medical Conference (Claudia's Path)

0.0.24 focused on Claudia's romance, so the latest devlogs have been about her, but remember that each Romance has its development scheduled, so all characters will have their own space eventually!

Romances in General Practitioner are different in gameplay. You will experience different ways to "win over the heart" of your chosen romance as some will require you to date them for a while, while others will only need you to play events and make choices.

Every romance though roughly follows three major steps: meeting someone, getting to know someone and finally stay with someone.

As Claudia is a relative to the MC, the first step is missing completely, while you played the second one when she visited you at home with Alex, when you spent time with her and when you joined her for dinner or Chrismas.

After those events you might trigger the "romance starter" which in her case is either a kiss or something more, depending on dozens of choices along the way. Starting her romance will eventually lead you to sum things up and decide whether to romance her or not, unlocking her path and events in the game.

One such event is the Medical Conference in Canada, where she will speak to an audience about her medical research in the field of hearth surgery. This event might seem quite similar to the "Trip to Seattle" one, but it has many differences, at least in gameplay terms.

Yeah, because after a while every romance (thus even Claudia's) will enter a "final step", where her "trust" won't be enough to understand if things are going well with her when ending the game and which ending you're going to unlock.

With many choices available in each event, a counter of "good/wrong" choices is thereby activated and this, added to your romance's trust of course, will determine the outcome of the whole story.

You can choose to behave with Claudia the way you want. In each event you will get to know her better and better and the choices you'll make will reflect on your overall story with her. As usual, many situations will unlock only if you chose certain actions, but you won't be locked out from playing the events, as there's no "good choice" or "bad choice" but only choices that will bring you to the next event and so on.

All romances starting from 0.0.24 are pretty much the final content for each girl/guy in the game, but they NEED your feedback and I need your help too! While of course bugs and images can be added and fixed here and there, I need you to tell me what you think about dialogues, situations, even suggest some to add into the game.

Even if it's "just" a story (and a very long one since there are dozens of lines to read through), it still needs alpha testing, hence that's where you, our amazing players' community, come in!

I'm always available for your emails and contacts. You can reach me out by visiting my website

Thank you for your time, I hope you'll enjoy 0.0.24, which will be available on and other Retailers on late April and for crowdfunders on Patreon in a few days as usual (0.0.23 is on its way to on March 28th!!!)

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