Upcoming Holiday (out of office)

Hi guys!

Today's announcement is to tell you about our upcoming holiday. Since I'm going to have a babyon August (our 2nd child!), my wife and I decided to schedule our holidays ahead of time.

For this very reason I will be out of office from March 31st until April 13th. During this period of time development for General Practitioner will stop, both for future releases and for bug fixes (that's why I'm releasing 0.0.24 without medical exams, which are the most prone to bugs in my experience).

I won't be able to reply to emails or private messages either, so don't get mad if you can't reach me the usual way, I promise I will read through all your messages when I'm back!

Development for The Coroner Saga will continue as usual instead, as we have a separate team working on it.

Thanks for your support over time, I believe you'll like our future story updates A LOT!

Be safe and healthy,

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