Devlog: Physician, heal thyself (Claudia's Path)

Today's devlog will introduce you an end-game event, which will be available for every route you will choose with some differences between one route and another. Being 0.0.24 focused on Claudia's romance we will explore her path today, but remember that each Romance has its development scheduled, so it won't be a Claudia-centered game of course!

That said, this unusual event starts with a nice day at the local pool with both Claudia and Alex, her daughter and niece of yours. You will have so much fun together even though something's bothering the good doctor's troubled mind.

Depending on how you dealt with previous encounters with Claudia this event will trigger different conversations and outcomes. You might even miss some images and situations that you would've experienced with a friendlier relationship.

The day at the pool goes well, you have fun together even though the difficulties of your relationship with your sibling are pretty obvious. In General Practitioner you won't have an easy time winning over the heart of your romance options, because they do have their own opinions and feelings, and they won't always match yours, like in real life.

Still, the after-pool is the main event, as the Doctor will fell ill, starting with an annoying fever rising up every now and then and finally keeping him at home with a very low energy and severe nausea.
This situation was inspired by my own health issues, as some of you who are following me for a long time might remember last June, when development stopped for almost a whole month while I recovered from a very bad viral infection, something that was very hard to deal with and that left me with no consequences fortunately.

While the events are fictional, the illness is inspired by my own. And here I thought a change of pace in the game was funny to develop. If a doctor gets ill who you're gonna call?

The situation that plays there is awkward and funny, as Claudia will need to understand the doctor's symptoms and treat him accordingly. And doctors are the worst patients indeed as you will give her a hard time during the exam.

I thought it would be cool if the Main Character and the NPC switched sides for a moment, something which is rare in videogames. You will then play as Claudia for the examination, choosing what to do to a patient who has been you until a moment before!

While the examination and visit are quite simple, no real skills are necessary and they almost play out by themselves, I believe you'll have some fun exploring this unusual case and its very rare finding, all by reading through dozens of nice and real conversations between the two loved characters.

Physician Heal Thyself will play with other romances as well, while the examination itself will change some of those dialogues and might even trigger jealousy in other romantic interests.

Keep following our devlogs for more! It was very funny to develop this event, so I think you will have much fun playing it!

Be safe and healthy,

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