An update for General Practitioner is available for download!

  •  Random Adult Females' exams' icons are now correctly placed
  • Anne's examination: fixed some typos and incoherent informations given
  •  Fixed a number of missing images
  •  The ability to "force" Erika's romance for testing purposes has been removed
  •  Vanessa/Aaron dates during the "Three's a crowd" chapter now correctly recognize whether the Doctor owns a car or not
  •  Low-res videos of sexual interactions with Elisa have been replaced by high-definition ones
  •  Fixed a crash in Kenny's examination
  •  "Greetings Jennifer. May I call you Sara?" was too awkward even for the Doctor! This has been fixed.
  •  Fixed a missing image in Kiley's exam
  •  Fixed a very rare issue that prevented examination icons to appear on some exams
  •  Sara's 2nd examination (adult): fixed some issues in dialogues and interface
  •  Sara's 2nd examination (adult): fixed a persistent topless image persisting in every stage of undress
  •  Sara (child) image has been added to the Codex
  •  Fixed a missing image in Harlan's examination
  •  Dr. Lamar is not a veterinarian, so he won't take care of a dog bitten by a snake instead of taking care of human patients anymore
  •  Bridget's main image has been replaced with a more consistent one
  •  Removed Dr. Kirkman's reference to Claudia when asking him for the computer's password as Erika is meant to be there.
  •  Magnifying a picture in the gallery will now disable the UI interface properly
  •  Added Stephanie's (Fanny's mom) side picture and fixed its incorrect placement with Stephany's (patient)
  •  Many grammar fixes throughout the game
  •  Many minor spelling fixes throughout the game

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