​Claudia's Romance: Birthday Dinner

As anticipated earlier  0.0.24 will feature many events involving Claudia and the doctor's romance with her.

Today we're going to show you a few screenshots of one of those events: the birthday dinner. Claudia is born on February and she wants to have dinner with you for the occasion! Everything's settled and this can be an opportunity to spend some time with her!

Depending on your previous choices, you can dine with her like a brother/cousin (and your mother will join you in that case), like a friend (Bob and Alex will join you in that case) and finally as a love partner (Alex will join you alone).

During the event you will have a conversation with the characters who are attending it, and your choices will again have consequences in your relationship with Claudia from that point forward.

Conversation between you and Alex will change depending on your relationship with her mother, for example, while Bob might not like you sharing his family's secrets with his daughter.

Your mother, on the other hand, might like you sorting everything out with Claudia in the first place, and your choices during the "Christmas' Eve's party at Claudia's" will play their role in conversations with her as well.

General Practitioner is a game where choices really matter, not only while examining a patient and trying to save his life, but also when your (private) life's at stake.

What are YOU going to do? What will be the outcome of your relationship with Claudia?

Play 0.0.24 and you'll find out!

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