Claudia's Path in 0.0.24

0.0.24 update, nicknamed "No ordinary family" will feature the full story arc with Claudia, the doctor's relative and fan-favourite character, as I already stated in earlier.

After deciding what to do with your relationship, players will be asked to face a number of events involving her and her family as well, each with three different paths to take and all leading to the romance climax at the end of the game.

You can either:

  • Openly date her
  • Engage in a normal family relationship with her
  • Displease her and cut your bond with her

Depending on this first choice you will play different situations. You might be able to ask her to move with you if she hasn't already, you can choose to hire her in your clinic or even do anything you can to make her life miserable by doing exactly the opposite of what she asks you in those situations.

In the following days you will be introduced to all playable events with some screenshots as well to whet your appetite. Those events will play after the "Christmas' eve's dinner" and will play on January, February, March and April, when the games will finally end (I'm talking about in-game time of course).

"No Ordinary Family" update will feature:

  • Dozens of new "Interactions" with Claudia, whether she's living with the Doctor or not
  • New sex scenes with Claudia
  • Jealousy of Claudia against Rita, Christina, Vanessa and Aaron
  • New home activities with Claudia if she's living with you

Major events you'll play:

  • Birthday Dinner
  • Weekend on the mountains
  • Physician, heal thyself
  • Shopping spree
  • The needs of the many...

Keep following the game's updates for screenshots, gameplay news and updates, let us know what you will like to see in this story arc by writing your ideas on our dedicated forum thread on Steamand enjoy General Practitioner's first complete romance!

And most of all, be safe and healthy!

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