An update for General Practitioner is available for download!

  • Fixed a number of missing images in both Random Adult Males exams (Abdomen, Feet, Hands and Genital) and in Steam's Workshop ones
  • It is now possible to examine Robyn's abdomen again
  • Fixed an incoherent reply from Adult Males in Random exams referring to their marriage when asked about their health and vice-versa
  • Random male patients won't be addressed as "herself" anymore
  • Erika is now correctly listed as your girlfriend when you choose her to be (she was missing from the Character Summary Screen)
  • Added Claudia's doctor's coat character image
  • Fixed Sara's Second Examination which was loading the wrong reports from exam #1 and was looping as well. Players might need to replay her exam to get through.
  • Fixed a number of missing images throughout the game

Thank you for playing the game!

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General Practitioner 1.3 ANDROID 2 GB
Version 24 Mar 01, 2019

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