0.0.24 will feature poligamy, jealousy and more!

Hello guys!

It's been a while since I posted news about the game's development (well, not so much but I'm usually faster in releasing news), and that's because I underwent a big deal to deliver as much updates in-game as possible.

While work on 0.0.23 is undergoing as planned, we're also working to contents for 0.0.24 ("No Ordinary Family") as well, and those of you who read the roadmap to the final release will already know this means... "Claudia content!"

0.0.24 will feature a full romance playthrough with her, from the start of your relationship until its ending(s), based on your choices along the way. This also means that the game will end on April 30th, which is the last in-game day for the full release coming up on December. Of course activities from January to April will only be based on Claudia right now, but with each upcoming update this will change and all the other characters will be included as well!

Many gameplay features will be revealed in the upcoming weeks, but today I can introduce you to two different mechanics: jealousy, poligamy and household activities!

Jealousy is conceptually linked to poligamy: many players asked to be able to date more than one character at once. That will be possible, even though for gameplay reasons you will be able to live with one person at a time, while also dating others though.

Each character will then have a chance to "caught you red-handed" and behave accordingly. For example, if you are dating Rita and bring Christina to a date to the Icecream shop Rita's working in... well, you are not very smart! However, even walking on the beach might trigger a random encounter with your (other) significant one, possibly leading to an argument thereafter.

Each character will react to this in his/her own different way. Erika might be understanding of you having a coffee with your relative, while Vanessa might understand your bond with Erika (after all you're working together), but Claudia might not like Rita at all and argue with you about her.

It's up to you to explore the different combinations, while also keeping an eye about your relationship with your significant other. If relationships falls too much you might be dumped and find yourself masturbating alone in your bed in no time!

Yes, because among other "household activities" you'll also be able to masturbate to get sexperience and more! The old "Relax" button will be replaced with a "Stay at home" button which will open up a new series of activities to perform at home:

  • Relax to regain energy
  • Play a musical instrument to increase your charm
  • Spend some time with your romance (if living together)
  • Study Medicine to increase knowledge
  • Masturbate
  • Have a shower
  • Watch TV
  • Watch a porn movie (choosing the genre from six different ones to meet your romance's taste which you have to guess)
  • Play a videogame

These activities will be performed either alone or with your roommate, depending on the activity itself and your relationship level with them.

Some players argued that having a shower takes a whole morning/afternoon/evening which is not realistic. This is a gameplay choice since the main option is "Stay at home" while the chosen activity is but a slice of what you did while staying at home. Since General Practitioner has 365 days of gameplay, thus about 1090 different daily choices throughout the game, having the player micromanage his time at home would have meant a big "grind-fest" we're not going to deliver, so that's why you can only choose one activity at a time.

I hope you'll enjoy 0.0.24 and it's features and you keep having fun playing the game!

I cannot put more pictures about the update because of Patreon's policy about adult content, you can find the (censored) pictures over other platform's newsfeeds however.

Thank you for supporting the game!

Be safe and healthy,

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