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An update for General Practitioner is available for download!

  • Fixed a very rare issue with Rita's path, causing the romance to stop progressing if you played Elisa's chapter before Rita while Rita was already your girlfriend but before her "Spa" date took place. Savegames affected by the issue are automatically fixed, you can call Rita by phone to progress her romance path (provided all other prerequisites are met)
  • Fixed Robyn's Codex entry to show her correct ID (7905440929)
  • Mark's exam is now accessible from the Exam Mode and by choosing his ID on the computer
  • Exam room's computer will now check if you hired the prerequisite Doctor to perform examinations where that staff member is needed
  • A lot of consistency / grammar fixes throughout the game
  • Erika won't take days off anymore. She simply doesn't want to be anywhere but at the clinic.
  • Selma's examination of legs is now correctly featured as "Not Available" and won't subtract points when not performed
  • An alarmingly high number of statements had the "'" symbol replaced by three question marks (???). This was caused by a faulty string-replacement software we used recently, which wasn't able to recognize UTF-8 coding. That's been fixed now. Sorry for any discomfort this might have caused.

Thank you for playing the game!

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