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A new update for General Practitioner is available to download!

  • Fanny's and Chloe's examination are again available in Exam Mode
  • Random Child Patient #5 has been redesigned from scratch and now doesn't suffer from irsutism anymore
  • Random patient's parent won't be always male anymore. There's now a 50/50 chance to choose the parent's gender.
  • The stats screen now shows monthly Clinic's Equipment Bills just below monthly wages
  • Claudia's wage has been reintroduced in the game. Beware that she takes $15000 each month. While you cannot fire her and she won't quit her job, your relationship with her might suffer if you're not able to pay her wage.
  • Claudia's work is now accounted for every day if you hired her. You cannot fire her and she won't quit the job after you chose to accept her in the clinic after meeting Bob in the story.
    Claudia's stats are as follows:
    - Energy = 7
    - Medical Knowledge = 6
    - Skill = 6
    - Attitude = 7
    - Experience = 6
    - Loyalty = 8 (she won't quit the job regardless of monthly payment)
  • Added a "Next page" icon to the Medical Personnel's roster screen
  • Added Claudia's infos on the Medical Personnel's roster

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General Practitioner 1.3 ANDROID 2 GB
Version 19 Feb 04, 2019
General Practitioner 1.4 2 GB
Version 21 Feb 04, 2019

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