Update Available

An update for General Practitioner is available for download!

  • Fixed some issues with "Missing images" during dialogues
  • Fixed a point malus in Anne's examination for not performing a blood test, which is not available
  • Fixed Anne's examination's urinalysis not being recognized as performed when it was
  • The "Skip to Chapter 9" event when choosing "Skip to next event" has been removed since it was corrupting saves by resetting the chapter if it was already started.
    Since it isn't intended for a chapter to restart at any time and that was the only chapter involved, you will need to progress up to that point by your own, without being able to "fast skip" to it. This happens because Chapter 9 can be played differently depending on the choice on who has to help the doctor with the murder case.
  • A vital signs check has been added to Monique's examination
  • Fixed an issue with Karen's exam assigning malus or bonus for examining the legs (not available) instead of extremities (which are the right exam to do)

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General Practitioner 1.4 2 GB
Version 19 Jan 27, 2019

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