Mod the game! Steam Workshop and more...

Today is a day full of news for the General Practitioner universe with the introduction of the Steam Workshop and mods!

Have you ever wished to play your favourite House/ER/Grey's Anatomy episode in the General Practitioner setting? Now you can use the tools we made available to achieve just that. Or you can develop your own medical exam to play whenever you wish!

You can use whatever means of delivering your mods as you wish, the Steam Workshop is just the easiest way to do so but mods will be compatible regardless of where they come from. So even who owns a copy from other retailers, including of course, can mod the game and enjoy mods as well!

The tools and instructions we're delivering today are pretty basic, but advanced modders can do whatever they like with the game if they wish. Playing modded examinations add new layers to the game experience and if this will be successful it will also add many hours of gameplay as well!

You can find infos, instructions and downloadable tools on General Practitioner's website at this link

Please note that as the game is still in Early Access even the modding functionalities are in Alpha stage, this means you'll need to have some patience while we fix anything that could be wrong in the game's functionality about custom content.

Instructions also cover how to release a mod and how to make players install it. Since Ren'Py, the Engine we use to program Visual Novels isn't compatible with the Workshop libraries users will require a manual install, which is pretty easy to do if you're into modding.

For any inquiry and to report bugs please reach us at Ren'Py forums have no means to support our game so we are the only official source for modding the game, with the Steam Workshop's own forum of course.

We hope you'll enjoy the game and we can't wait to see what the community will do with mods!

Be safe and healthy!

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