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An update of General Practitioner is available to download!

* Fixed an issue that made it impossible to meet Clara at the park after her examination. If you already met Clara it's enough to load a save game to fix the problem.
* Fixed an issue that made it impossible to talk to Rita about the Christmas Dinner. You can now meet her at home and talk to her about it.
* Fixed the doctor's image not showing in some particular dialogues
* "Bedwetting" random examinations now properly feature all available checks
* Changed how staff members increase or decrease the clinic's fame:
   - A loss of 2 fame is now a loss of 1
   - A loss of 3 fame is now a loss of 2
   - A loss of 5 fame is now a loss of 3
   - A loss of 8 fame is now a loss of 4
   - An increase of 2 fame is now an increase of 1
   - An increase of 3 fame is now an increase of 2
   - An increase of 5 fame is now an increase of 3
* Whenever you happen to lose more than 10 fame due to worker's behavior the Medical Board can intervene to prevent the damage from spreading over 10 points. If you choose to do so this will cost you 250$.
* Icons over Morgan's examination have been reset to their proper position
* The Doctor won't suffer from dissociative personality disorder anymore when conversating with you at home ("I had trouble telling Elisa that you live here now!" - "Oh, that's a shame and... wait! I AM ELISA you dumbass!")
* The Medical Board in Stephany's exam won't tell you her breast exam was unnecessary since she suffers from breast pain
* Fixed an issue with the "Next Event" button screwing up calendar days. While this issue is not gamebreaking, although it might confuse some players as weekdays are no longer aligned when using the button, unfortunately saved games affected by it cannot be restored to their proper functionality unless the player actually skips to the next event again (if possible). We apologize for any discomfort this might cause.
* Fixed the "Language/Game Mode screen" being unclickable
* It is now possible to opt-in or opt-out from Analytics from the "Language/Game Mode" menu

Thank you for playing the game!

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General Practitioner 1.3 ANDROID 2 GB
Version 12 Jan 04, 2019
General Practitioner 1.4 2 GB
Version 13 Jan 04, 2019

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