2018 recap - 2019 preview

Hello guys!

This is the final day of the year and it's time to recollect what was achieved over Bruni Multimedia's project in this year, and have a first look of what's coming up next year as well!

  • Random Examinations were released on March, making a first step to an almost countless replayability once they end their development in a few weeks with 0.0.22 update. Random examinations' development was made possible by Patrons pledgers who supported the game and made this goal achievable.
  • We celebrated our first anniversary of development on General Practitioner on May. A special edition of the game was released for Patrons only which contained a sexual examination of pregnant Elisa and Erika. Some of the assets for that exam, which was dropped in August update, were re-used for the real Elisa examination
  • Game's development became hindered in June, since I had become badly ill and couldn't work for the whole month. This meant the update scheduling suffered a change while it also gained an increase of the overall content.
  • We officially launched the Early Access on Steam on October. This helped us to dramatically increase the player base of the game and its community. That allowed us to better understand game's mechanics, sort out bugs faster and re-draw those parts of the game which were not working at all.
  • We are making the game moddable by the Steam Workshop on December, adding more layers of customization to players who might like to play the examination they always wished to play since they first tried the game.

Those achievements have been made possible by us (developers) working together with you  (the community), because your show of love and support is what makes this worthwhile and will allow us to continue with this and other projects as well.

Since game's development is now proceeding steadily, we also had the chance and opportunity to work with many talented artists, and we also had an increase in the size of our team recently.

In 2019 we're going to launch TWO more different projects thanks to this, as we can have separate teams working on separate projects and this allows us to deliver quality games without altering the schedule of General Practitioner.

With this I'd like to introduce you Bruni Multimedia's team members.

- JD Glass - Lead Writer of the upcoming Visual Novel (details next week!) - Avery Flannigan - Writer and Japanese Adaptator - Laura "sasquatchii" Henderson - Graphic Designer and Lead Artist - Ann Sharova - Lead Composer for General Practitioner

We're also hiring a new developer, who is still uncredited for now, to allow us to release many exciting games in the future!

Work on General Practitioner is proceeding as scheduled.

Visual Novel Project #1's details will follow next week!

Visual Novel Project #2 will be posted on Kickstarter as well, since it is a very ambitious project. I'm sure you will like it! Of course you can choose to stick to Patreon support as well, or to wait for the Steam Release to support its development... Details will follow on late February.

All Bruni Multimedia's Visual Novels feature a deep and engaging narration, adult game elements and gameplay features which make them easily recognizable. If you enjoyed playing GP, just wait to see what's in store for you!


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