Cars and Motorcycles

The upcoming release of General Practitioner will feature "cars and motorcycles" available for the Doctor to buy and own. While I'm still in the process of balancing cost/effect of each one I can already tell which models will be available at release.

With Cars and Motorcycles you'll be able to choose how the Doctor will move throughout the city. The first effect will be less energy drop when moving of course. The better the car/moto the better effects you'll earn month after month.

Some cars will also unlock special scenese with your romantic interests, so be warned :D

Cars and Motorcycles will feature:

  • Public Transportation System
  • Cheap Car
  • Convertible Car
  • Sports Car
  • Elite Racer
  • Standard Motorcycle
  • Road Eagle Motorcycle (shown in the preview picture).

Owning some particular kind of car will grant you more charm, others will grant you more Fame to the clinic and others some sexperience as well. It's up to you to choose how much you're willing (or are able to) spend to buy a car/moto while also keeping tabs of the clinic's financial status.

I hope you'll enjoy playing the game's update!

Be safe and healthy,

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