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Hi guys!

No, I'm not gone, on the contrary I'm deep in developing some nice additions you'll experience in a few weeks.

First of all thanks to a new computer I'm now able to process many more images, this also gave me the chance to actually do some consistent progress with releasing both Adult Random Exams and Steam's Workshop Integration as well!

In a few days you'll be given video instructions on how to develop your own medical exam and make other people play it, as well as downloadable files pre-set for accomplishing that!

I also underwent some serious re-development on Random Examinations. I corrected the coding of the exams which was a mess. Since I keep learning about Ren'Py programming and tricks every day I often retrace my steps and improve the coding. That's also helping A LOT in releasing faster content in the future, since I have less code to rewrite all the time (I'll   soon release a DEVLOG which will explain my programming techniques for those of you who are interested in this kind of things).

New random exams are less likely to crash, have questions which remain unanswered during the interviews, have less chance to mismatch the pronouns' gender and also had their point-award-system reviewed, so you won't get points from doing/not doing a certain exam (it's very difficult on random ones since you might honestly don't know which problem is from the very beginning). You will be rewarded or penalized based on your anamnesis, prescription and discharge order instead.

This will also be the method to grant points for the "Workshop Exams" for two main reasons:

1- It's not easy for a non-doctor to actually decide if a certain exam is needed or not and in which grade (1 to 5) it is either.
2- This way a modded exam is less likely to penalize players too much, even though very high points awarded are somewhat cheating in some way.

"Scripted exams" will stay the way they are, since players' feedback is supporting them this way even though some complain about exams being too difficult. While some are indeed difficult that's intended as no one ever said a doctor's job ought to be easy.

Finally you'll start to see some "Animated Sex Scenes" in the game, starting with Erika sex scenes and progressing to other characters as well. The plan here is to animate every sex scene in the game with 5-6 animations each and then to add animations to other situations as well. Do not expect a full animated game as this is still a Visual Novel of course, but I'm confident you'll like what's in store for you with animations and the like of them.

Developing all these features is very hard and it's taking me a very long time, that's why 0.0.21 release hasn't been announced yet, but expect it to be ready in January for all Patrons. Trying very hard to release a polished version and this requires A LOT of testing and even then I can't really be sure about the results, since the different choices/consequences in the game are so many, but I'll do my best as I always do. 

The features I just described will be released with 0.0.20, except maybe for the Random Exams, which as a matter of fact have been included in 0.0.21 in the recent Road Map I posted.

That's why right now the translation project is halted until (and IF) I'll ever reach the patreon goal. You can help me achieve this as you helped me achieve so many goals, spread the word about the game and keep supporting it if you like!

And thank you, thank you very much for taking your time to read through this wall of text.

tl;dr Animations and Steam Workshop are going to be released in a few days!

Be safe and healthy!

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