update available

An update for General Practitioner is available to download.

- Fixed an occurrence in children's random examinations that made the  game switch patient to a female. This only happened with male patients  when the question about their symptoms was asked during their interview. - Fixed an issue with Kenny's examination repeating more than once
- Fixed a crash in Kenny's examination
- Fixed an issue in Christina's phone conversation where she was addressed as Chloe instead
- Added a label to explain that Christina's dinner date is still not available in the game in its current release
- Fixed a rare crash in Beatrix and Madalyn's exams

Thanks for playing the game! Have fun!


General Practitioner 1.3 ANDROID 2 GB
Version 7 Dec 01, 2018
General Practitioner 1.4 2 GB
Version 7 Dec 01, 2018

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