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GENERAL PRACTITIONER 0.0.19 ALPHA RELEASE - "What happens in St. Mary's..."

We recommend starting a new game if you're experiencing issues regarding the game's behavior with Elisa's pregnancy and her overall story.
If you pursued another story saved games are compatible.

An overhaul of the Main Character (The Doctor) is in progress. I switched to the new Genesis 8 model to replace the older one which was made in Genesis 2.
Some images involving The Doctor may be outdated and they still need the update to be installed, so you might experience some differences between images. That's not a bug and will be fixed when the new ones will be ready.
Sorry for any discomfort this might cause.

* Bug fixing
  - Typo fixing
  - Code Optimization
  - Fixed an issue where a perfect exam showed no outcome in Paul's Examination
  - Fixed Daisy's exam not giving the appropriate points for a correct diagnosis
  - Fixed a small issue in Fanny's exam giving an incoherent reply to a question during her interview
  - Fixed an issue with Elisa's pregnancy test behaving erratically.
  - Fixed an issue that caused the days to behave erratically while skipping to next exam
  - Fixed an issue that made hard-working staff members take too many days off
  - Removed Medical Equipment requirements from Fanny's examination (it's performed at the hospital)
  - Fixed Fanny's fame point grant
  - Kiko's surname is Xuan and not Xhuan. Fixed the typo wherever it happened.
  - Fixed Laura's exam penalties which were too severe compared to the other ones
  - Fixed Robyn's examination's MRI Exam which in rare occasions told the player that a "Breast Exam" was not doable.
  - Fixed an issue in Serena's exam not granting you the 7500$ in case you blackmailed her
  - Fixed an issue in Julie's MRI exam which automatically went to also examine her vitals without any prior notice to the player
  - Fixed an issue in Jaden's advanced exams not checking for the available equipment of the clinic
  - Fixed a very rare issue that prevented wages to be calculated and paid if an event triggered on the 1st day of a month
  - Removed the check over medical equipment on Sam's EKG's exam since it plays in the hospital
  - Fixed an issue with Kathlyn's and Merlin's EEN exams not showing correctly when selected
  - Maggie's examination was not playable in story mode. This has been corrected.
  - Viola's examination was not granting achievements in Steam's releases of the game. This has been fixed.
  - Fixed an issue on some examinations that was preventing to examine a female patient's abdomen even if it was correctly exposed
  - Fixed the suggestion statement in Summer's Examination discharge orders
  - Nancy's examination is now correctly showing her trust level
  - Fixed Relative's final Main story scene looping after her encounter with her. This time for real.
  - Christina's conversations in Ray's bar won't be repeated in time
* Removed obsolete informations from Examinations tooltips
* Added compatibility with Steam's Community rules
* Added Achievement compatibility with Steam
* All medical exams have been completely reviewed in preparation to Steam Workshop and mods compatibility
* A new visual interface has been added to all game screens
* Added Codex information for Nolan
* Fixed an issue where player's energy was drown just by going to the clinic, instead of actually performing any work there
* Changed Miranda's Icecream Shop's conversations to suit the changes in Rita's story
* Fixed an issue in Aria's exam which, in rare occasions, was giving the incorrect amount of Trust points towards Claudia
* Changed the color of Input text to be easily recognizable
* Added a new graphic interface for the Daily Report Screen
* Added five new Achievements:
  - Kingslayer
  - Non c'・cosa pi・divina...
  - Varicocele
  - Alone
  - Marathonist
* The conversation with Dr. Richards during Stephany's exam is no longer played while in Exam Mode since it is related to the story

* Coding optimization
* Corrected an issue where sometimes a question made during the interview received no reply at all
* Fixed all improper use of personal pronouns between genders
* Fixed an issue that made the same two choices in the diagnosis choice behave differently

* You can visit the waiting room after Paul's exam to manually input the patient's ID you wish to examine. You can find patient's ID in their Codex.
* You can now turn down Clara if you are not interested in having an affair with her during her sexual event
* Added a suggestion on how to continue the story when you skip to August 2nd by using the "Next Event" button
* Paul's after-exam sex encounter is now available
  - After the exam, if your score is high enough, you can phone Paul's mother Judith to pursue a sexual event with her
* Selma's after-exam sex encounter is now available
  - After the exam, if your score is high enough, you can keep conversating with her to pursue a sexual event involving her boyfriend as well
* Changed some conversations with Elisa in "Our Clinic My Baby" which resulted inconsistent with some of the choices made by Rita
* Elisa will tell the Doctor he's the father if your relationship with her is high enough, else she will tell he's Greg's. Before this change she told the Doctor he was his child only if they were living together, which is inconsistent.
* Skip to the update feature has been removed as it created more inconsistencies as the story gets bigger and bigger. You can use the "Skip to the event" button to play a faster game.
* If you halted Rita's relationship after you told her about Elisa you can now phone back Rita after the paternity test to tell her about the results.
* New conversations with Rita have been added if you chose her to live with you.
* Added more conversations and sex scenes with your relative
* In order to unlock Rita's Living Together conversations you now have to click on Rita's portrait in the "House Choices" screen rather then the "Relax" button as you did before.
* Technicians now grant a -8 fame penalty in case of their Skill Test failure (from -20)
* Technicians now grant a -5 fame bonus in case of their Skill Test success (from +10)

* New exam available (#48): Selma. You can access her exam via the waiting room either by clicking on her or by typing her ID (3831971048) or by going to the Exam Room after November 12th
* New exam available (#49): Maryanne. You can access her exam via the waiting room either by clicking on her or by typing her ID (7190442949) or by going to the Exam Room after November 15th
* New exam available (#50): Kenny. You can access his exam via the waiting room either by clicking on him or by typing his ID (6713489450) or by going to the Exam Room after November 20th
* If you don't own some medical equipment needed for examinations the game will automatically have you send the patient to an external clinic to perform the test in your place. This will still grant bonuses and maluses according to the exam's true necessity albeit in a smaller amount. To do so every exam that required medical equipment has been modified to show the new conversation. The patient will also decrease his/her trust upon you since he/she will be disappointed that you lack equipment, although you won't lose any fame from this either.
* The Medical Board will now tell you if one particular examination was necessary or not and why. This has been removed by the exam review final part.
* Every patient will now recognize Mr. Xuan's agreement after you met him. The only exception for that are the "Tutorial Patients" (Rita, Clara, Paul)
* An exam review screen has been added after an examination has ended. This replaces the long list of explanations that was sometimes confusing.
  - End Exam's explanations for each examination made have been deleted. The medical explanations have been replaced by a comment by the Medical Board.

* What happens in St. Mary's story arc is playable. To play the story you will need to have Rita's story play out until she asks you about joining Jos・ for massages. That can be achieved by spending time with her whenever it's possible.
Rita's path has also been integrated with Elisa's pregnancy story, so if you chose to let her know about the pregnancy she will react differently if the baby is yours or not, possibly disappearing completely from the game, thus saying farewell to the Doctor. The possibility of the Doctor to be Elisa's baby's father are listed in the "GENERAL" section of this changelog but requires you to follow Elisa path since Trip to Seattle Chapter.
Claudia (your relative) story also mixes with Rita's and after the "Netorare/Cuckold experience" she will ask you to join you at your place to discuss your mutual feelings. Beware that this part of the story is only available in Story mode and not in Vanilla Mode. Your choices in this part of the game could also cause Rita to go away from you forever.
This particular event isn't accessible via the "Skip to the Event" feature since it's tied to Rita's relationship and not to a game event.

* Chapter 10 events will now start in October and not before, regardless of the sequence of story actions made by the player. Before this change inconsistencies in the game's script could have happened, even though in very rare cases.
* The game will end on December 31st.

Known issues:
* "After-exam" sexy scenes for story mode are in development
* Nolan has no character box
* Stats review shows 1 girlfriend even if you have more
* New Clothes for Erika is still an in-development feature. I'm still thinking about it in the actual gameplay.
* Nolan's exam will be completely re-done in a future update

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