Development Log #10: Roadmap to Final Release

Hi guys!

This last few months have been very intense from a development point of view. With retail release of the game and it getting bigger and bigger things are certainly improving for the game and it's time I update the old roadmap with this new one!

You will see that I only indicate "Major features". This doesn't mean that other things won't be added (i.e. picture gallery, new items for the shop, improvements to gameplay etc.) but that you can expect some MAJOR changes in the game.

Of course support to the game will always be present new interactions and features will be present in the game. 

Only consider this roadmap as a guide to what you can expect in each update of the game.

Some more infos:

- The project is bold but this goals can be achieved with both your support (both in terms of money and/or alpha testing) and with the new equipment we're going to use in development, thanks to your help!

- I'm in the process of getting some extra help in developing the game either, so we can focus on closing this project without the need to hurry to deliver the perfect "General Practitioner" experience we always meant for you to play.

- A new project will be announced in April but it won't start development until General Practitioner hits Beta. That's because while we need to plan ahead for our little indie enterprise to survive we also want to deliver a FULL game, not an incomplete one. Still, if you are curious about our new project, which we're sure you'll like, stay with us!

Ask whatever question you like, without feedback every project, even Rockstar's RDR2 would've doomed to fail, this is especially true for small indie productions like ours.

The roadmap of course:

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