Development Log #9: Codex, Stats and Reviews

Hi guys.

This is the last Devlog for 0.0.19 update which is almost ready for retail release (supporters on Patreon get to play it a few days ahead as a "thank you gift" for their support).

Today I'm going to introduce you to some big changes in the game's user interface. Hearing your feedback made us re-think some gameplay elements and some were modified to become what they were always intended to be.

The first modification is about the "Medical Conditions" Codex, which was split in different pages (A-C, D-F etc.) but it's now on a single page which allows the user to scroll down to their desidered topic.

This modification affects not only the gameplay but also the developing times since it's way easier for us to modify the Codex and write new entries while the game is developing.

The second screen I'm introducing you is the "Stats Screen", which is now readable more easily and has three main sections for a quick look at the game's statistics and romances. 

Some of you might have noticed that the "Quest Log" disappeared from that screen, but that's intended as it will have its own screen soon!

Finally there's the "Exam Review" screen which was introduced a few days back. Work on it is completed and you can see the results down here:

That's it for this Devlog! I hope you'll like these changes, they meant a lot of work on our part :)

Keep following us for more update about the game, and thank you for your interest in this project!

Be safe and healthy!

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