update available

A new update for General Practitioner is available.

- Fixed Daisy's exam not giving the appropriate points for a correct diagnosis

- Fixed a small issue in Fanny's exam giving an incoherent reply to a question during her interview
- Fixed an issue with Elisa's pregnancy test behaving erratically.
- Fixed an issue that caused the days to behave erratically while skipping to next exam
- Fixed an issue that made hard-working staff members take too many days off
- Technicians now grant a -8 fame penalty in case of their Skill Test failure (from -20)
- Technicians now grant a +5 fame bonus in case of their Skill Test success (from +10)

- Fixed a missing image issue in Beatrix exam
- Fixed an uncommon issue in Monique's 2nd exam that caused the game to report an error
- The stat screen no longer shows trust levels above 100, which is the intended maximum amount of trust for each character towards the doctor.
- Removed a label during Erika's dinner date that wrongfully made players believe to be stuck in a loop
- Fixed an issue during Rita's date at the Movie Theater that caused the date to switch to the pool without notice
- Page 5 of the patient's Codex was a mess. Now it isn't.

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