Devlog: Recurring Patients

As release 0.0.19 is being developed, today I wanted to share the news about two new recurring patients, or patients who will return to the clinic after the first time you examine them.

The first one which you discover in the game is Monique, as she needs to return to the clinic since her eye problem worsened overnight.

Another patient you should expect to see again is Katia, with her depression problems and two more will be added in 0.0.19: Kenny and Maryanne.

Kenny is a police officer who's concerned about having Varicocele, a fairly common condition amongside law enforcement personnel. If untreated, varicocele could cause fertility issues. Depending on how you play his exam will determine if he will come back to the clinic, this time bringing her (hopefully) beautiful wife with him to be checked out.

The other patient is Maryanne, a 13-years-old girl who's basically asking for help with the situation in her family. This exam will make you face the often underestimated problem of child abandonment and its consequences.

Your choice, and yours only, will determine the outcome of this situation and its consequences that will be brought over the next time you'll meet Maryanne and her family.

General Practitioner is like a doctor's job. It's made up of examinations, it's about meeting new people, it's about getting some knowledge about medicine and health-related topics... but it's also made of choices, and each choice will reflect on the game at some point.

I hope you'll keep enjoying the game.

Be safe and healthy,

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