0.0.18 update available


This update is COMPATIBLE with saved games from 0.0.11 public release and later.

An overhaul of the Main Character (The Doctor) is in progress. I switched to the new Genesis 8 model to replace the older one which was made in Genesis 2.
Some images involving The Doctor may be outdated and they still need the update to be installed, so you might experience some differences between images. That's not a bug and will be fixed when the new ones will be ready.
Sorry for any discomfort this might cause.

* Bug fixing
  - Energy will no longer exceed 100 or be less than 0. Exceptions for this is the item "Energy Drink" which you can buy     from the online store which allows energy to be up to 125.
  - Fixed an issue where "Text Speed" and "Sound volume" were inverted in the "Preferences" Menu
  - Fixed an issue with Christina conversations sending the player back to the Main Menu
  - Fixed an issue with Christina's conversations which made them play all together instead of one at a time
  - Fixed a crash that occurred in some cases when talking to your relative
  - Fixed an issue that caused Christina to be introduced earlier than due time
  - Fixed an issue where Claudia was still living with the doctor even if she left to investigate Bob's computer
  - Fixed a crash when talking to Christina at Ray's
  - Fixed an issue which caused the latest "Relative scene" to keep Groundhog Daying
  - Fixed an issue in Summer exam that caused the game to behave like it was another person talking
  - Fixed an issue in Christina's encounters that caused the game to behave like it was Chloe talking
  - Fixed a very rare issue where the "Erika sex" event played endlessly
  - Fixed an issue that, in some cases, caused robyn exam to display well after it was completed.
    The issue was caused by a messed up call stack in ren'py which triggered under unknown circumstances. To fix this all     call stacks have been reviewed. Please report any more abnormal behavior about Robyn Exam
  - Fixed Mr Xuan's appearing again when he's not supposed to. This time for real :)
  - Fixed an issue that caused the relative to not show up to the clinic after she texts the player she would
  - Fixed an issue that crashed the game during Kathlyn and Liam's exam when clicking on their Medical Record hyperlink
  - Fixed an issue which caused a "Variable not found" in Choices and Consequences and in Elisa's relationship
* Optimization of coding (invisible to the user)
* Mr Xuan's patience level now correctly shows when needed
* "Anniversary Exam" special examination has been removed from the game
* Modified Dr. Kirkman's conversation in the main quest to be consistent with new game elements
* You won't be able to date Elisa after she told you she's pregnant. This was inconsistent with the game's script.
* It is no longer possible to have the game forcefully think Elisa's your girlfriend.

* Fixed an issue where asking a patient to undress caused the exam to start over again
* Fixed an issue that caused the doctor to ask female teenagers to remove more clothing than allowed (this caused a bug since this is not intended)
* Fixed an issue that prevented to examine a patient's abdomen even if it was exposed
* Height exams are no longer selectable in Teen Exams (they were never meant to be)

* Our clinic, my baby story is available. To start the story just follow the investigation about the dead girl until Elisa presents herself to the clinic
  - If you keep her as your girlfriend she will be available with 10 new interactions at home, by choosing "Spend some time with Elisa"
  - If you leave her she will be gone for good and won't return in the game
* An extended interview has been included when starting a new game. By asking the player a few "roleplay questions" the game will boost or decrease starting stats according to the character's choices. You can skip this interview completely and start with normal stats regardless.
* Starting money has increased to 5000 (from 50)
* Added Clara's romance minigame after her exam. You need to complete the exam with trust level at least at "GOOD" level to unlock this.
* The Park has been added as an available place to visit
  - Going to the Park requires 20 energy
  - You can jog at the park and gain 3 fitness and 3 charm for each visit
  - Going to the park after Clara's exam unlocks a date with her, if your trust level is "GOOD" or up.
* Staff Management's daily report has been introduced and reduced to a single screen. The text showing the detail of staff's work has been removed from the game.
* You can now choose to ask Elisa for help to find the Medical Board's server password
* Having sex with your partner will now grant you +3 sexperience each time you accept to do it

* New exam available (#45): Josh. To perform it visit the clinic after October 13th
* New exam available (#46): Emmet. To perform it visit the hospital after October 20th
* New exam available (#47): Viola. To perform it visit the hospital after October 23rd

* OUR CLINIC, MY BABY story chapter is now available. To start the new chapter you need to follow the main storyline until the coroner's report, then it will unlock automatically when starting a new day.
* The game will end on December 31st.

Known issues:
* "After-exam" sexy scenes for story mode are in development
* Nolan has no character box
* Stats review shows 1 girlfriend even if you have more
* New Clothes for Erika is still an in-development feature. I'm still thinking about it in the actual gameplay.
* Nolan is missing from Codex (poor Nolan)


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