Filling the Waiting Room and the Steam Workshop

Hi guys! First of all forgive the pronunciation in the video :(

The video above explains the brand new features that are going to be introduced with 0.0.19, the upcoming release of the game that will be announced next Friday!

You will be now able to choose a patient from the Waiting Room (a resume of each patient will be added soon!) and not only meet them once they arrive one at a time to the clinic. This is made to improve the likelihood of working at the clinic.

Also, the video hints at the new Steam Workshop feature (and not only there) which will make you mod the game introducing your own Medical Exams! The tool will be made so that you won't need to be a programmer to mod the game!

These feature is very uncommon (if they even exist) on Visual Novels and I can't wait to see all your creations coming to the game!

What do you think about these new improvements?

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