Development Log #4: Writing a sex scene is Hard

No pun intended in the title. :)

General Practitioner is not a porn game, rather it being a life simulator where choices really matter in the daily events that occur.

Still, it does have an adult content in it (unless you disabled it in the Settings menu of course), and that needs to have its own script like every other gameplay element.

Creating a realistic sex scene is very difficult, even more than creatic a very dramatic or fiction scene, because each one of us has different experiences with sex and that causes to have different expectations as well.

When writing a sex scene you always risk to make it feel too cliché, like a bad porn movie, or to make it feel too polite as the very opposite of that. Sex if fun, sex is weird, sex is messy. Mixing those elements in the game isn't a small feat and tapping into one own's experiences doesn't always help.

So what I try each time I write something sex-related is to try and figure out what would mean to have sex with people so different from one another. Erika, Elisa, Rita, Christina, Aaron each have very different characters, they are more or less experienced, they had many different partners or not, so their own expectations will likely be different so are their reaction to your own doing.

That's why you'll find harsh language in sex scenes with someone and maybe nothing of the kind with another one. One could shily ask you to join her in your room while another one could tear your clothes apart right where you stand.
There is also the problem of writing dozens of sex scenes with the same person and that's time consuming and might cause unnecessary repetitions which could bore the player. But that's a discussion for our next devlog.

Thanks for your support to this project.

Be safe and healthy

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Just wanted to let you know that I have been playing the Mac version (OS 10.12.6) for a few months & recently in ver 0.0.16 I have found a couple of issues. The first time that I played to the end was in the previous version (I believe that was 0.0.14).  This time with ver 0.0.16, the issue comes up when Kiko's father meets with the doctor in front of the clinic to discuss what he wants the doctor to do.  Once you answer him and the day ends, the same screen with Kiko & the father comes back every time.  I went back several saves and tried making different decisions & that had no effect.  Every time that scene with the father  Kiko keeps repeating and I am unable to advance.  The main difference between the ver 14 and ver 16 games was that I did not have Kiko strip down & then do the nasty at her house.  

Another issue that I have seen is that the calendar is one day behind, i.e., it says Saturday when it really is Sunday.  I did not have that issue in the previous version.  

Also, a lot of the patient medical records do not show up but rather you get the error message which I have chosen to ignore and just advance without seeing the information.  However, the first issue with Kiko & the father scene still stops the game from advancing regardless.

Please let me know if you need some additional information. 

Thanks for the report. This are known issues already solved in 0.0.17, so you'll see them fixed very soon :)

Thank you for the feedback on that issue. 

 I noticed that you are on Steam.  Have you determined the price that you will have on the game when it is fully released?

Yep, you can find that information and more here:

Thanks for playing the game!