Staff Management: Chief of Staff

Although they seem to be lacking many skills, Chiefs of Staff are one of the most important and "powerful" personnel you'll be able to hire at the clinic.

Having to coordinate the staff work, their Medical Knowledge might come in handy: if they pass the test you'll earn 100$ more, if they fail you will lose 5 energy since you have to reorganize the clinic's archive on your own.

Their skills will grant you a huge 300$ bonus along with 2 fame, which is an important "currency" to complete an exam properly. If they fail the skill test you will "only" lose 150$ and 5 energy, so it's a fair bet...

Their Attitude towards your staff is also important. Working together as a team you will improve your earnings for the day by a good 10%. If they can't work as a team, you will lose 5% instead.

Finally their experience it's a nice way to increase your charm by 3 points, as they will make your image shine to the public. If they are not experienced enough you will lose 15 energy instead.

Ok, they might lack some points, but their wage is pretty low and who knows, maybe they will improve your clinic's overall status. Or you could just fire them if they are not worth a penny!

0.0.16 will be available to 20$+ patrons on July 30th and a few days later to 10$ and 5$+ patrons as well.

Free release on September!

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