Staff Management: Technicians

Today I'm going to talk to everybody about our tech experts, which will be available to work at your clinic if you decide to. Managing an important clinic nowadays is not just a matter of medicine, there are computers, the internet, servers and so on...

Hiring one or more tech experts will improve your clinic and help you to achieve new important achievements!

As you can see the technicians' Medical Knowledge is pretty low. That's good in fact because they will take a daily test themselves and if they pass it they will give medical opinions to your patients in the waiting room. That could bring you to lose a patient, money or clinic's fame.

Still, their Skill is very important because a passed skill test will bring you more energy, more fame or even more knowledge!

Their attitude towards the rest of your staff could also affect your energy, since you don't want to be involved in petty arguments about yesterday's football match, don't you?

Finally their experience will have you save some money from mechanical repairs, which is always good, isn't it?

0.0.16 will be available starting with 20$+ patrons on July 30th, so prepare yourself and be the first to join your staff!

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