Hire your doctor, manage your clinic

This is a preview of the new "Staff Management" interface, where you'll be able to find new staff members .

I believe that's another wonderful job by graphic designer Laura "Sasquatchii" Henderson who's been working with me for a few months now.

From this screen (similar screens with different colors will apply for different staff responsibilities) you will be able to see all the informations about your staff and the available ones, hire them or even fire them if you don't feel their wage is justified. Once you fire a staff member (you can't fire Erika since she partially owns the clinic) you won't be able to hire him/her again, so think carefully before getting rid of them.

More infos about skills and the whole staff gameplay will be given in a few days and in future updates, where more personnel will be available (right now only three personnel for each branch will be released).

Available personnel branches are as follows (with the identifying colors):

  • Doctors (white)
  • Chief of Staff (blue)
  • Nurses (light blue)
  • Midwives (red)
  • Technicians (yellow)
  • Administrative personnel (green)

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