Help me achieve the Translation goal!

General Practitioner has grown well beyond expectations and it's still growing. Tomorrow I will announce the gameplay elements of 0.0.16, the newest and big update to be released in a few weeks, there will be many improvements and new stories as well!

Would you like the game to be translated in your language as well? For that I don't want to make an amateur job either, so I will hire translators for the job, which will require of course money.

So if you like share the news about the game, or support by pledging me to help me achieve the patreon's goal.

Translations won't be developed at the same time of course, because that would require a full staff of translators, but one after another you will get to see the following languages:

- Italian

- German

- Spanish

- Portoguese

- Japanese

- Russian
- Proper English (with an English native speaker's support)

(not in this order, the order will depend on which translator will accept the job for first, and I will translate Italian myself since it's I'm a native speaker :) )

So, if you wish to help me achieve this important goal, spread the word!

You can visit my Patreon's page at

Be safe and healthy, and thank you!

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