0.0.15 update release schedule

Hi guys!

Work on 0.0.15 story and medical exams is completed.

As you know I've been very sick earlier this month so I had to reschedule the whole update. Whether this will affect future releases of the game I don't know yet, but I'll do my best to put the schedule back on its usual track.

Still, I managed to get the job done so that is the release schedule for this update:

Early release for 20$+ patrons: Today, June 29th

Mid release for 10$+ patrons: July 7th

Pre release for 5$+ patrons: July 14th

Public release: Late August

I hope you'll enjoy the game's update, it contains many funny things and choices, the walkthrough will follow as usual in a few days as well for 10$+ patrons.

I worked so hard to deliver this to you ASAP, I really hope you'll enjoy it!

And yes, one of the new medical exams could end up in a sex scene :)

Be safe and healthy,

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