General Practitioner 0.0.15 update announcement

Hi guys!

Today I'm announcing next month's update for the game, nicknamed "The Higher - The Fewer", which will feature a lot of things!

* Explore your relationship with either Vanessa and/or Aaron, following your choices in the last chapters. Be warned though that something doesn't seem to be as it looks!

* Your relative story will also continue as it will intertwine with this one. As your mother sent you away from home as a kid, you'll now discover why she did that and this could move your relationship with your relative in new ways. This story will continue if you chose her to live with you in the past chapters.

* Three new medical exams, which will be chosen by you with a poll I'm about to post in a few days!

* Random Examinations Project: Teenagers with many brand new examinations and images!

* More modifications to User Interface to improve the game even more!

Release dates:

* June 16th for 20$+ patrons

* June 24th for 10$+ patrons

* June 30th for 5$+ patrons

* Mid/Late July for free

Thank you for your envaluable support! I hope you'll have much fun with the game!

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