Pool random minigame #2

Yesterday I told you about the first minigame added to the pool. Today I'll show you the 2nd one, which will have the doctor (blue) race against five different opponents.

You will use the "A" and "D" Keys to have the doctor swim towards the goal (the black line). Winning will grant you a new achievement, $500 and will increase your clinic's fame by 5.

Losing will have you lose $500 and lose your clinic's fame by 5.

The race is not mandatory of course and can be skipped by those who don't want to play the minigame. In time, if you will like this minigame I can even improve it by adding different players or even characters-related ones (think about challenging Erika, Father Torque, pregnant Elisa, Max Poulsen etc...

Thank you for following the game's updates. Both the minigames AND the Anniversary Update will be available in a few days, before the end of the month of course! I just need to test a couple things first.

Be safe and healthy,

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I don't know if there's a set date for this mini game, but when I encountered it in game, there was an error *right when I crossed the finish line* So I had to rollback and retry, but it still showed me error messages so I ultimately had to decline the challenge. And this happened right before July. Also, I think there's a mistake in the game's calendar. July 1st occurred twice for me (Sat and Sun) so I had to pay wages and fees twice. 

Thanks. That's already been fixed in the upcoming release of the game! Thanks for your report!