Pool random minigame #1

Releasing this month with an update to 0.0.14 are pool random events. They will be a series of minigames, the first of which you can see up there, where you will face opponents to gain money, stamina, charm or else while betting money or fame in return.

In the first minigame you will face someone who challenges you to a swim resistance race. Your challenger will be randomly chosen and the difficulty level will change from very easy to very hard.

You will have a pool (!) of 13 Stamina Points to use to regain some fatigue, but higher rewards will come with higher stamina points left at the end of the game, meaning it would be a wasteful victory if you use every of them.

A new achievement will also unlock if you beat the harder challenger without using any stamina point. While it will be a very hard one to get you'll get much satisfaction from gaining it, I'm sure of that.

Keep following me for further updates about Pool Random Events!


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Version 4 May 21, 2018

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