New Codex for Patients

Today I want you to introduce how the Codex about patients will look from now on. This modification is already present in 0.0.14, however you can't access it from the Codex Interface but only by the hyperlink "Medical Record" while talking to Erika.

Once it's completed (it might take a little time since we already have 36 patients to work on out of about 100) you'll be able to select the patient you want to see from a graphic interface and then view their infos, picture and history.

You can notice some new informations as well, they are part of a new gameplay feature I'm adding and that's for now on internal testing only. News about it will come in a few weeks.

I also put the corrisponding height and weight in feet and pounds, to meet the standards of people who aren't used to use centimetres and kilograms.

I hope you'll enjoy this and the other news I'm sharing with you. It's a pleasure working on General Practitioner, I hope it's a pleasure to play it as well :)

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