0.0.14 "Shady Business" update will heavily rely on your choices

0.0.14 upcoming update will heavily rely on your choices, both already made and to be made.

When developing the game, I always make sure that every addition will fit with what has already been established in previous updates. This is the only way for players to feel the game growing as a single entity and not as something that changes erratically without a definite script.

That's why the upcoming update, which is one of the biggest I released until now in terms of dialogue and choices, except only for Joy Festival perhaps, will take all the choices you made into consideration, even if you regularly attend some particular places in your daily routine.

Presented with three completely different scenarios which will only unlock if certain criterias are met, the update will bring hours of enjoyment to every player, both old and new.

So take this opportunity and subscribe to this page right now, or visit my other pages on youtube (upcoming preview video!), twitter, official website or itch.io page!

The full 0.0.14 Early release will be available for 20$+ patrons on May 16th, right on the First Anniversary Day of the title (more infos about this particular date in a few days!)

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