The Official free walkthrough is available!

The official walkthrough for the game is available for free starting today!

The PDF document covers up to release 0.0.10, which is February one. 10$+ pledgers on Patreon also get access to the updated walkthrough every month, while the free one gets updated with a 90-days delay.

Please read the announcement in this post if you haven't already (redirects to Patreon).

Thank you for your envaluable support, it's you who are making all this possible. 

If you like the game and wish to support me I ask you not to share walkthrough PDFs until they becomes public: it's meant as a reward for your support and as a thank you, and it's only your support that can help this game to grow as a professional adult indie visual novel and not just a "little game to jerk off with".

But if you do share it, well I can't stop you of course, but having the possibility to work full-time to this project is made possible only with your help. :)

Be safe and healthy,


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May 03, 2018
General Practitioner Official Walkthrough.pdf 4 MB
May 05, 2018

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